Our Products

Sown from early February to mid May, harvested mid June to mid August.

Types of pea produced

Garden Pea

These are high-quality, smaller peas (small to medium in terms of sieve size) of the highest tenderness rating. Yes, tenderness has a rating! Once harvested, they are frozen in less than 150 minutes, to ensure that when they reach the plate they’re as tender as when first shelled.

Petit Pois

The smallest and most tender peas, also frozen within 150 minutes of harvest to lock in their freshness.


Larger peas, usually of grades B, C or D in tenderness.


We currently grow Anubis, Prelado, Boston, Tomahawk, Style, Savanah, Amalfi, Geneva,  Serge, Charlie, Naches and Oasis.

Quality of our Products


Our goal is to produce the most delicious and nutritious peas we can, so quality is everything. We are fastidious in our farming – working with the best of nature, and using exacting modern techniques and technology to ensure that what we grow is the best in the country.

We maximise yield by precisely pre-determining the seed rate and plant population, and choose fine silt soils for their superior drainage. Crop rotation is carefully managed to minimise the risk of soil-borne diseases.

We undertake many fully-traceable quality checks at all stages, from seed selection to transportation. This tells us exactly what’s happening at every stage in the growing cycle, and allows us to deliver to our customers peas of uniform excellence, exactly to their specification.

Our peas are graded according to tenderometer readings in line with Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) standardisation. They are sown from early February to mid-May, and harvested from mid-June to mid-August, depending on the conditions in that year.