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We are pleased to be working with some great partners and providers who help us produce a quality product and provide us with the means to get our peas frozen, packed and into retailers throughout the United Kingdom.

Our partners include…

A freezing company who we supply with Garden Peas. They, in turn, supply the major retailers in the UK as well as the food service (pubs, restaurants) sector.


Promoting and championing all that is good about the great produce that is grown in Lincolnshire.


The specialist research organisation in peas and beans. Research takes place in seed trials, crop protection products and new technologies.


Suppliers of crop protection products and pea seeds from around the globe.


Designers and manufacturers of our pea harvesters based in Norfolk. They also produce and supply bean and potato harvesters.


Providers of our high tip trailers which form just a small part of the portfolio of equipment that they manufacture.


A family run business based in Suffolk that has been trading for over 100 years. Supplying pea seed that has been multiplied in the UK or imported from Pureline Seeds in America.


A local Lincolnshire seed business which is another family run affair supplying us with pea seed.


Agents for amongst others Van Wavern and Brotherton Seeds.


Now part of Bayer, they supply us with crop protection products and pea seeds.


The Lincolnshire Rural Support Network provides pastoral and practical support to farming and rural people during periods of anxiety, stress and problems relating to their families and businesses.


These award winning accounts provide both auditing and bookkeeping facilities to the company.

Ploeger Oxbo Group (POG) is a leading manufacturer of specialized harvesting equipment.

Dodman ltd

Established in 1991, Dodman Ltd has developed a strong reputation for the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality food processing equipment.

wold engineering

UK Agents for all PLOEGER machines including Pea, Green Bean, Spinach and Potato Harvesters.


We are sponsors of the Yes Peas! campaign.

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Our award-winning long-term providers of all things internet based, from developing and hosting our website as well our e-mails.