Our Products

Sown from early February to mid May, harvested mid June to mid August.

Types of pea produced

Garden Pea

These are of a small to medium size produced to a high quality. Once harvested they are frozen in less than 150 minutes to ensure that they processed in their prime.

Petit Pois

These are all small sieve size and extremely uniform. They are again all frozen within 150 minutes of harvesting.


Approximately 120 tonnes of organic peas will be produced this year exclusively for one retailer.


Are of a medium to large sieve size and are usually produced from a B, C or D Grade.


Anubis, Style, Span, Savanah, Novella, Geneva, Markado, Serge, Ibis, Kenobi, Naches and Oasis.

Quality of our Products

iStock_000001255931Medium We pride ourselves on the quality of our peas: our plant population and seed rate is carefully pre-determined to maximise the yield; our peas are grown on fine silt soils which allow fast drainage to prevent water logging and rotation times are optimised to minimise any soil borne diseases. We undertake many fully traceable separate quality checks from seed selection to transportation. Peas are graded in accordance with our customers specifications, and tendarometer readings in line with Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) standardisation.