Caring for the Environment

As has been widely reported the 21st Century will see us all face huge challenges with regard to the Environment

env-1Fen Peas Ltd and all its growers take their responsibility in managing the environment very seriously. To protect our heritage, habitats and wildlife all our fields have margins around them which are left uncultivated, which creates an undisturbed area for wildlife.

Crop sprays are used carefully and kept to a minimum, therefore reducing residue levels. Buffer zones are left against water courses, as are strips against hedgerows thus protecting the natural habitat.

env-2Fen Peas Ltd is mindful of their energy use. The pea harvesters that we use have Deutz V6 water cooled engines with added charged air cooler which reduces exhaust emissions and boosts power output to 400hp.

Since 2008 Fen Peas have been operating 4 PMC 979-CT Harvesters. This model of harvester is fitted with a Tier 3 DEUTZ V6 watercooled engine. This will reduce our hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions significantly, further reducing our carbon footprint. We continue to look closely at harvester technology to improve our product, reduce our costs and care for the environment.

These engines are lighter, quieter and more economical. they comply with Tier 2 legislation that was in force at the time of purchase. As harvesting technology improves we will purchase new machinery that complies with the relevant European legislation in force.

env-3All peas grown by Fen Peas are produced to the Assured Food Stanards. This standard monitors the planning of the crop, crop spray applications, harvesting and storage as well as dealing with the responsible disposal of waste.

Industries are now being asked to monitor their carbon footprint which Fen Peas are now looking into.