Saturday 11th June 2016

12 Jun , 2016  

That’s it. Under a “sea fret” drilling was finally completed this week up in The Wolds. There is no rest though. We appear to be at war on many fronts! The drilling was completed just eight hours before storms ravaged Lincolnshire which is causing havoc with the early peas. They don’t know whether they are […]


Sunday 5th June 2016

6 Jun , 2016  

“That Was The Week That Was” very wet and cold! Little activity on the drilling front and growing front. Most of the week felt like autumn. Not what we needed. The peas in flower desperately need sunshine to finish properly and we need a dry time to finish putting them in. The forecast for this […]


Sunday 29th May 2016

29 May , 2016  

As the drilling of the Serge and Ibis continued in good conditions I was lucky to be invited over to Vaderstad in Sweden for their Tour 2016. The old cultivator pictured was the beginning of the Vaderstad story and the modern drills and cultivators that we use today. We were shown the testing of new […]


Thursday 19th May 2016

19 May , 2016  

A couple of days away from the ranch this week visiting Ploeger in Holland for training on the new EPD540. A lot to learn on a course extremely well delivered by Jan. I’m sure there will be many questions over the next few days. Drilling of the Serge continued in the Bicker, East Heckington and […]


Friday 13th May 2016

18 May , 2016  

The recent rise in temperature has seen some rapid growth. The first peas, Anubis, are coming into flower so this now gives us an indication of a start date for harvest. Also peas are emerging just 10 days after drilling. This could change quickly as the forecast shows a cooler spell on the way. Attention […]


Saturday 7th May 2016

7 May , 2016  

How things can change quickly! From dancing around the showers with the drills last week it was pretty much unbroken sunshine and more importantly good temperatures this week. We have been busy but not pushing too hard and we now have 63% in the ground. The earlies have come on a lot and it may […]


Saturday 30th April 2016

30 Apr , 2016  

They say farmers are obsessed  with the weather! We have to be. It governs all our major decisions. Whilst the rain has made things slightly awkward with planning it is the unspring like low temperatures that are really hampering our sowing progress. In a normal year, if they is such a thing, we have got […]


Friday 22nd April 2016

23 Apr , 2016  

It’s all about the weather! The first part of the week saw inactivity due to the 15mm of rain that fell over the weekend. We were up and going again full steam by mid week carrying on with the Waverex in Holbeach Marsh. Conditions are ok but with cooler temperatures forecast for the days ahead, […]


Friday 15th April 2016

15 Apr , 2016  

Stop start, stop start! That can be said for both the drilling program and crop growth. The sporadic rain showers have hampered our progress with the petit pois this week. With the April showers being quite isolated planning is tricky. We did manage to get our second AHDB Hort trial with starter fertiliser done. It […]


Sunday 3rd April 2016

3 Apr , 2016  

Storm Katie scuppered our plans this week. It was a case of remaining patient and letting things dry. The drills gradually got going from Wednesday onwards with Friday seeing 24 metres at work. So we have gone someway to catch up. One surprising thing is the temperatures. One day a bitting  wind next day over […]


Wednesday 30th March 2016

30 Mar , 2016  

After Storm Katie we are slow to get back up to full steam drilling Savanah. Hopefully by Thursday we will crank it up. In the meantime the early drilled Anubis was looking glorious under the big skies of Lincolnshire. 


Tuesday 22nd March 2016

22 Mar , 2016  

All the light land is now drilled and we have moved onto the silts North of Boston. The early Anubis is now showing well in rows (pic does not do the crop justice). So with the Anubis, Style and Boston now in it’s time to move on to Span and Savanah. With rain suggested for […]