March 23rd Update

23 Mar , 2008  

Climate change! Snow at Easter! We’ve had it before, but it’s always a mess. Too mild and it goes away very wet. Looking at the long range forecast I can’t help but feel that there will be little activity drilling peas this week. That will be two weeks lost to the weather, which is not […]


March 20th Update

20 Mar , 2008  

This morning a quick trip around 750 acres of early peas gave me the chance to assess how the crops were faring in this cold weather. I was pleasantly surprised that there has been good growth despite the semi arctic conditions. The first blocks at Sleaford were all emerging, you can just make them out […]


March 19th Update

19 Mar , 2008  

As forecast the rain came at the weekend and has brought things to a standstill. Fortunately we completed what we needed to drill by lunchtime on Saturday, so the rain has given us a natural break between Wrangle, north of Boston and Wyberton, south of Boston. All the peas need to be drilled in a […]


March 13th Update

13 Mar , 2008  

A quick look around the peas drilled last week is encouraging, All have chitted despite the cold winds that we had. There are just 110 acres north of Boston to drill before we start on our Organic peas. This year there will be 74 acres of Organics, which are a challenging crop to grow given […]


March 11th Update

11 Mar , 2008  

Despite the best attempts from Mother Nature we are still able to drill peas in the Friskney and Toynton area. The strong winds we have currently, have dried those areas where the rain fell, and conditions are OK. Due to the cooler temperatures we are not drilling as fast as we would normally do at […]


March 6th Update

6 Mar , 2008  

Lull before the storm possibly! 1000acres drilled (planted) in good conditions. It does look like we may get stopped for rain over the next two days. We are currently drilling at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds and out against the bombing range at R.A.F. Wainfleet.


Contact Details

4 Mar , 2008  

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