News archive - May, 2019


Sunday 31st March 2019

31 Mar , 2019

This morning brought the start of summer time and although the sun was shining there was a nippy feel to the wind. So much so, that the soil temperature was higher than the air temperature. It’s been a good week again in terms of progress with drilling going to plan in the Kirton and Frampton […]


Tuesday March 26th 2019

26 Mar , 2019

The continued spell of unsettled weather came to an end last week and we were able to return to drilling peas on the silts north of Boston. Going was good. Excellent seed beds and plenty of moisture. The overhead conditions allowed us to complete the Savannah and a trial variety, Idalgo, by Sunday. It was […]


Friday 14th March 2019

15 Mar , 2019

Due to the arrival of the not so friendly Storm Gareth this week we have been unable to get on with our sowing programme. Those in the ground have weathered the storms well and the first fields are becoming green over. With temperatures today in excess of 15C that will move them along nicely. Planning […]


Friday 1st March 2019

1 Mar , 2019

What an incredible 14 days of weather! We have been spoilt. After the dry autumn, when ploughing conditions were the best they had been for years, followed by a dry winter, seedbeds have proved easy to achieve and with the above average temperatures progress has been good. To say the least. With the Prelado, Anubis, […]